Our Services

North State Drug & Alcohol Testing Facility provides confidential testing for Northern Nevada businesses

At North State Drug & Alcohol Testing, our services are designed to save you time and reduce production loss. As such, we are a full service drug collection and testing service offering many advantages including mobile, on-site services. We feature minimal wait times and fast result reporting.

  • Instant result urine drug screening
  • DOT drug testing
  • Non-DOT drug testing
  • Hair drug testing
  • Saliva drug testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • DOT physicals
  • DNA testing
  • MSHA Certified
  • Licensed Clinical Lab for Nevada
  • Certified Medical Examiner
  • Respiratory Therapist, NV/CA
  • PFT's
  • Certified DNA Collectors

Mobile Services
North State's mobile service can help you manage both your labor costs and drug testing costs more effectively, saving your organization thousands of dollars per year. We make it easy, driving to your company or location of your employee to cut back on lost time while on the clock. We are there when you need us! North State mobile service is fast, cost effective, and best of all works when you don't!

Why You Need Our Services

Government Studies Reveal That One out of Six Workers Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem

Identifying employees who need treatment and establishing a drug-free work environment can improve safety and productivity, inhibit absenteeism and reduce a variety of costly losses throughout your organization.

Administrative losses. Absenteeism, tardiness, overtime pay, sick leave abuse, health insurance claims, disability payments and costs associated with accidents.

Hidden losses. Diverted supervisory and managerial time, resentment among workers, material waste, equipment damage, poor decisions and damage to public image.

Losses with legal implications. Workers’ Compensation, disciplinary actions, grievances, threat to public safety and worksite security.

  • It deters substance abusers from applying for employment
  • It provides a means to identify employee or job applicants who are using illicit substances
  • It deters use of illicit substances by present employees
  • It assists employees in recognizing and admitting their abuse so that they may obtain treatment, and confirms that employees in recovery remain substance free