A locally owned and operated drug & alcohol testing facility, fully licensed by the State of Nevada.  We are your collection site for Medtox, LabCorp, Quest, e-Screen, CRL or Redwood Toxicology. Exclusively contracted with LAB Drug & Alcohol Analysis for same day laboratory test results.

Our staff is certified for DOT collections and Breath Alcohol Testing

Introducing NS-DATF’s staff:

  • Education and Training Director:
    • Laura A. Brennan – BATT, CPCT
  • Federally Certified Collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians:
    • Mary Smith – Pc, Bat
    • Robert Baca – Pc, Bat
  • Customer Service Representative:
    • Alec A. Brennan – CSR, Pc, Bat
    • Johnella Thiel – CSR


Introducing NS-DATF Professional Staff:

  • Medical Director:
    • Tracey E. Giambrone, DPM
  • Certified Medical Director:
    • William W. Clark, D.O.
  • Respiratory Therapist:
    • Michele Marymee, RCP